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How to contact me

Very simple

If you prefer encrypt your communication channels (as I do, just in case), here is my public PGP key.

If you don't want to add my JID in your roster, we can meet in a conference (my jabber server provides such service).

My pages in social networks

If you want even more information, you can visit the following links:

I have no accounts in any other social nets. Sorry…

What about voice?

One of the links above is a SIP URL pointing to my software PBX. It provides both TLS and SRTP, so voice communication should be quite secure.

If you have no soft phone working with SIP, you can use XMPP/Jabber voice extension Jingle and call me directly from your roster. Many XMPP clients implement this feature, and I use one such client.

If your XMPP client does not provide voice functions and you don't want to change it, you can use Tox. In such case we can exchange our Tox IDs by mail (with PGP) or in Jabber (PGP or OTR).

If you don't trust Tox team, then we could chat even in Mumble. I have private server, and we can discuss all the details by mail or in Jabber.

As the last resort we could use Skype, of course. But I strongly do not recommend to do that. 'Cos Skype is the least convenient and least secure alternative. But if you insist, here you are: my Skype screen name is “Denis.A.Zhuravlyov”. But, nevertheless, before adding me there, drop me a line using any of the methods described above, if you dont mind. Actually, I don't remember, when I used Skype for the last time.

Mobile chats

I have no smartphones or tablets or any mobile device with Android/iOs/Windows/Other OS to use any of existing mobile messaging/voice application. So, no Whatsapp, no Viber, no Telegram, no Signal, no WeChat, no anything else. Just simple and secure methods mentioned in the beginning of this page.

Thank you for understanding.